Electronic Document Management Systems

Hugh Symons provides information management services to a wide range of customers in the public and private sectors. A number of these customers use third-party back office Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS) that require image and metadata files to be output to precise specifications for data to ingest successfully. We are able to output data in formats for all EDMS and will confirm exact customer requirements at the beginning of each project.

Digitised files can be delivered to the customer to manage the data upload into their EDMS if they are able to do so, or to liaise with their system provider on this process. Hugh Symons can also transfer data directly to the EDMS provider in the format ready for ingestion into their system.

In addition to supplying data for ingestion into existing third-party back office systems, Hugh Symons is also able to provide Electronic Document Management Systems if required where customers either do not have them or may be looking for alternative options to existing systems. We can advise on the best options available for your organisation depending on accessibility, usage and storage requirements.