High Volume Document Scanning

Find out more about the high volume secure document scanning services we provide to public and private organisations in the UK.

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Many organisations retain data on legacy systems that are no longer supported or have been superseded and some may store data or on portable media such as disc or DVD. Managing data across multiple locations and formats is challenging in terms of accessibility, can be time-consuming and poses risks relating to data security and GDPR - particularly concerning duplication of data and information becoming lost, forgotten about or misplaced.

Hugh Symons offers a cost effective and secure conversion service to reformat data for upload into current back office systems, locally and cloud based, to help customers achieve a ‘single source of truth’ for their information. A central source of data is accepted as best practice for integrity, security and governance.

We have provided data conversion services to customers in the public and private sector, including Local Authorities and Healthcare organisations to migrate data into back office systems. Our extensive experience and expertise in handling data conversion requirements means we are able to advise on the best options for your data if it is held in legacy systems or on physical media.

Hugh Symons offers a scan on demand service to customers with ad-hoc or regular scanning requirements, with expedited turnaround times provided where necessary. This service is available for document and microfilm scanning and there is a range of options to suit all customer needs.

  • Records can be couriered from the customer to Hugh Symons’ secure facilities for scanning as required
  • Collections using Hugh Symons' vehicles and staff can be scheduled as frequently as required or booked on an ad hoc basis with our Logistics Team
  • Turnaround times and SLAs will be agreed at commencement of the scan on demand service and following a pilot testing and proof of concept phase
  • Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) will be used where possible as the most efficient and secure method to deliver data scanned on demand
  • Encrypted email can also be used to deliver data if SFTP is not possible
  • Original scanned documents can be returned to the customer or securely destroyed as part of the scan on demand service

There are various pricing options for scanning on demand to suit all types of customer requirements, including ad-hoc individual payments and service plans. Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about Hugh Symons’ scan on demand services.

Document Scanning

As a specialist high volume scanning services provider, Hugh Symons has capacity to scan in excess of 2 million images per day. We utilise a variety of industry-leading scanning hardware to meet customer specific requirements, all in accordance with the highest levels of relevant Standards and procedures. Our high volume document scanning services are able to accommodate projects of all sizes for all document types and applications.

Hugh Symons Scanning Services

  • All scanning procedures are in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 14001, BS10008, Cyber Essentials Plus and the NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit
  • We provide a secure collection service using our own staff and vehicles
  • Hugh Symons scans documents up to A0 size, in colour and black & white
  • Document preparation is undertaken as standard – this includes removing staples, clips, plastic wallets etc to get documents ready for scanning
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) can be applied to make data searchable within scanned files
  • Redaction services can be provided
  • Scanned data is output to all standard image formats
  • Image and metadata files can be provided in formats ready for upload to all Electronic Document and Records Management (EDRM) systems
  • A File Retrieval Service ensures ongoing access to data when it is with Hugh Symons for scanning
  • Free software for retrieval and viewing files can be provided where customers do not have, or require, an EDRM system or as an interim solution prior to upload to an EDRM system
  • Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) can be used to deliver encrypted data securely and efficiently
  • Secure document destruction is provided by Hugh Symons if required

Backlog Scanning

We have extensive experience of converting archive files to digital and helping customers get on top of filing backlogs that may date back decades. Where it is not feasible for organisations to manage this process internally, we are able to provide a cost-effective, secure and efficient service to deal with paperwork backlogs.

From our scanning hubs in the south and the north of England, Hugh Symons has the resources to manage projects of all sizes: providing an end-to-end solution from collection to final secure authorised destruction of original documents (where required) and delivery of data in a file format to suit the customer.

Hugh Symons has the capacity to scan more than two million images per day, and with extensive experience of handling high volume projects, we have the flexibility to scale up production substantially in order to meet the demands of specific contracts with no impact on service levels to existing customers.

Ongoing Scanning

After backlog archives have been digitised many organisations continue to create documents in hard copy. We are able to provide an ongoing scanning service that helps customers avoid building up hard copy archives again. There are numerous options for ongoing scanning services and we can advise on the best approach for individual organisations.

Onsite Scanning

Hugh Symons is typically involved in managed offsite scanning services. However, we have also worked on projects that have required an onsite solution to be provided. We are able to set up an onsite scanning resource and provide highly trained staff at customer sites for requirements where it is not feasible for files to be removed for offsite scanning.

Hugh Symons uses a variety of industry-leading scanning hardware to process specific requirements, including large format documents. The definition of a ‘large format’ document is typically one that is bigger than A3 size, ie A2, A1 and A0 paperwork. However, large format could also be lengthy narrow documents such as an ECG or CCG trace from a hospital - there is a range of variation that constitutes ‘large format’ and Hugh Symons is highly experienced in dealing with all types of documents.

Our experience and expertise in scanning a wide variety of document types and sizes means we can advise on the best options for any large format or ‘oversize’ documents our customers want to digitise. With the ability to scan at a resolution up to 600 dpi, we can ensure that information on large format paperwork is output to the highest possible quality and legibility.

Large format documents we frequently scan include:

  • Plans and Drawings
  • ICU Charts
  • Plotting Sheets
  • Flipchart Pages
  • Maps
  • ECG Traces
  • CCG Traces
  • Seismographic Printouts

Many large format documents have lengthy or indefinite retention periods, use up a lot of floor space to store and can become damaged easily. Converting this type of paperwork to high quality digital data improves ongoing management, storage and access significantly. Contact us to find out more about the options for scanning large format documents in your organisation.

Many organisations retain vast amounts of data on microfilm or microfiche, which can pose a number of challenges:

  • Microfilm equipment such as readers and reader printers are becoming increasingly difficult to source as most of the traditional manufacturers have ceased to produce them
  • Spare parts and consumables for existing machines are also becoming less available for the same reasons
  • Staff knowledge on how to operate microfilm equipment can be lost as the frequency of access to historical, but still valuable, information becomes less frequent
  • Space occupied by cabinets holding occasionally accessed microfilm can be expensive or better utilised for more valuable purposes
  • Microfilm will degrade over time and poses a GDPR risk where data needs to be retained for long periods or indefinitely

Digitising microfilm records will future proof the information contained on them whilst giving you all the extra benefits that electronic records offer: no specialist equipment needed, easy to access, increased security, simple to back up, full control and audit tracking.

We can offer a range of flexible scanning solutions that enable legacy data to be future-proofed to fit budgets and longer timeframes:

  • Scan on Demand – send us the microfilm(s) you need to access and we will scan and return them as soon as you need them, even the same day
  • Off-site Storage with Scan on Demand – let us store your microfilm, simply request any you need back and we will scan and return them, again same day if required
  • Backlog Scanning – either as part of an offsite scan on demand service or as a bulk-scanning project; let us scan your microfilm legacy over a period that fits with your requirements and budget.

Hugh Symons offers a service for scanning historic micro-formats of all types including:

  • 16mm film and fiche
  • 35mm film and fiche
  • Combination fiche
  • COM fiche

Scanned images can be output into all standard file formats for upload to any Electronic Documents Records Management (EDRM) system. We provide microfilm services to customers in a variety of sectors which help manage their microfilm efficiently and cost-effectively:

Local Government

We currently store microfilm libraries for several Councils, covering Planning, Building Control and Social Services records and offer a scan on demand service with 24-hour turnaround.

Insurance & Finance

Tens of thousands of microfilmed insurance records are held in our secure storage facilities with daily requests scanned and returned, sometimes under a same day SLA.

NHS Trusts

Archive patient records in both 16mm jacket and roll film formats are scanned and imported into electronic patient record systems for hospitals across the UK.

Pension Funds

Hundreds of thousands of microfilmed pension records are held in fireproof safes at our archive centre. A scan on demand service allows customers to access their information from anywhere in the UK and beyond.

Utilities and Engineering

Large format documents such as drawings and plans held in 35mm microfilm jacket format are digitised on demand for access and editing in customer electronic systems.

Data Conversion Services

Find out how we help organisations convert data in legacy systems or on disc to formats for use in current back office systems.

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Why Choose Hugh Symons?

Every project Hugh Symons is involved in, regardless of size and complexity, receives the same high level of service and dedication to ensure a successful outcome and customer satisfaction.

By striving for continuous improvement in every aspect of our business and learning lessons based on best practice, we can offer advice and options on effective solutions that best fit customer requirements.

Hugh Symons processes are underpinned by accreditation to key British and International Standards on Information Security, Legal Admissibility, Quality Management and Environmental Management. Customer information is treated with the same security, care and attention as if it were our own.

See what some of our customers say below and in the Case Studies found on the Sectors pages of this website.

Microfilm Scanning Services

Find out more about scanning legacy microfilm or microfiche to formats for use within current back office systems.

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